Aged (NEW DINNER), 13 Apr 2019

We often don’t realise how much of the delicious food that we eat on a daily basis are aged (or fermented). You wouldn’t enjoy your coffee or chocolate as much, and that flavourful dry aged steak would not be as beefy nor tender. Fish sauce and pickles would not have that same flavour packed profile. This menu has been created specifically to tell the story of the flavours we love in Singapore, that are especially true to our South East Asian roots while referencing our growing global appetite.

Jackfruit & Chicken
Brined jackfruit chicken soup with grilled chicken turmeric

Sea Salt Kana Chye (Preserved Olives) & Fish
Kana chye with sea salt cured Ah Hua barramundi, pan fried in brown butter, served with sour plum spice salt

Durian Tempoyak, Tempeh & Nasi Lemak
Tempeh, long beans cooked with durian tempoyak sambal. Served with twice steamed nasi lemak and coffee sambal

Garum & Prawns
Ownself Make fish garum with dry aged pork jowl, Prawns, prawn pork stock, Handpicked ramen noodles, grated cured egg yolks

Pickles & Frog
Frog poached in achar pickling liquid and young coconut water, green Hong Spices kampot peppercorns

Aged Soy & Pork
Aged kurobuta pork with soy sauce lees, pan fried and served with Nanyang Sauce black vinegar reduction, Nanyang Sauce 12 Month aged virgin brew light soy sauce and ginger

Fish Sauce & Beef
A3 Wagyu beef aged with Phu Quoc fish sauce, dehydrated Ownselfmake yoghurt, cumin, fennel crumble. Served with Ownself Make achar


Aged Mandarin Peel, Marmite, Chocolate
Marmite gula melaka caramel, aged mandarin peel chocolate cake with kumquat marmalade drizzle, gula melaka butterscotch ice cream

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