BBQ Mai Tu Liao VI, 25 May 2019

Who doesn’t love BBQ? I love the smoke and the lovely browning of the meats. Prawns taste especially good when they have been grilled….mmmmmmmmm

With that in mind, I developed the BBQ Mai Tu Liao Menu, 8 courses of grilled barbequed perfection.
No vegetables were harmed in the making of this menu.

This dinner sells out really quickly so email to chope your seats NOW.

Thrice cooked Duck
Tea smoked duck, steamed, then grilled, served with dipping sauce of ginger, soy and aged balsamico

BBQ Laksa Quail, smoked quail eggs, laksa leaf pesto
Local quail is spatchcocked, marinated in laksa rempah, grilled and served with smoked quail eggs

Grilled King Prawns with Nasi Lemak
Drizzled with crustacean infused lard, crunchy lardons, sambal belachan and Chef Shen’s signature twice steamed nasi lemak

Slow roasted Biriyani spiced Kurobuta pork ribs
Slow cooked kurobuta pork ribs marinated in spices, yoghurt and ginger
finished on a charcoal grill

Double cut kurobuta pork chop
Double rib kurobuta pork chop marinated 48 in Chef Shen’s secret sos, grilled over a charcoal fire

Rendang dry rub Wagyu short ribs
Slow cooked wagyu short ribs with a dry rub of the inimitable flavours of rendang
Finished on a charcoal grill

Wagyu Beef Noodles
Grilled Miyazaki A3 Wagyu with handpicked wolfberry noodles, rich beef broth

BBQ your banana!
Grilled bananas, gula melaka ice cream, gula melaka butterscotch, torched coconut meringue, lard butter tart

25 May 2019
15 June 2019
27 July 2019
31 August 2019
28 September 2019
26 October 2019
30 November 2019

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