CB (Circuit Breaker) 2020 Menu

Hey everyone!
These have been trying times, what with the CB in effect and having to stay home. I have taken this time to make some of the sweet treats, flavoured salts and chilli sauces that you have enjoyed at Ownself Make Chef Dinners.

These are available for pick up at Holland or delivery (for a fee), so email ownselfmakechef@gmail.com to chope!

Mushroom Salt
Umami packed, this is french grey sea salt mixed with shitake mushroom powder. Use it as a finishing salt on your roasted veggies or risotto. Great for vegetarians looking for an extra hit of flavour

Mushroom salt

Prawn Salt
Powdered prawns mixed in with french grey sea salt. Closing the loop on the prawns used in making our hugely popular luxe prawn mee stock, we dehydrate the whole prawns, and then blitz it up. The best seasoning for your dry aged pork or beef.

Prawn salt

Kalamansi Lime Marmalade
17/180 ml bottle
This serves as a jam as well as a condiment for savoury dishes. Delicious whether you kiap it with bread and salted french butter or together with our aged pork collar steaks and wagyu.

Gula Melaka Butterscotch
13/180 ml bottle
Great with just about anything but we drizzle it over pancakes, ice cream and waffles. Keeps in the fridge for a month, but that seldom happens

Gula Melaka Kaya
13/180 ml bottle
The unparalled lemakness of this kaya comes from the use of 20 egg yolks (no egg whites), fresh coconut milk, and gula melaka (coconut palm sugar). Best eaten with a thick wodge of salted french butter on toast. Keeps for a month in the fridge too, but that rarely happens.

Sng Ngee (Garlic Lime Chilli Sauce)
15/180 ml bottle
The HOT favourite amongst our guests at the Sinfully Seafood dinner at Ownself Make Chef. Made with chilli padi, kalamansi lime and garlic, this tart spicy chilli sauce is brilliant with rich meats or even seafood. Only available for sale during this CB period.

Lard Sambal (with lardons packed separately)
19/180 ml bottle
aPORKalypse is upon us! This spicy porky sambal is sauteed in rendered lard with crispy lardons mixed into the fiery sambal. Best eaten with rice (nasi lemak) or even pasta. This one lagi limited!