“EXTRA” Sekret Garden (NEW) Sinfully Seafood

We first introduced the Sinfully Seafood Menu at Ownself Make Chef in 2018, and we have always been about supporting local producers. This is the result of the friendship and relationship between Kai from Ah Hua Kelong and myself.

3 years later, we are updating the menu to reflect the fresh, new and delicious offerings that Ah Hua Kelong has developed and grown.

MENU (8 courses)

Mee Siam ceviche 
Botan ebi, Hokkaido scallop and grouper, mixed with pineapple, cucumber and chilli

Asian Lobster with rice porridge (NEW)
Grilled Asian lobster served with Kampot pepper and butter garlic sauce
Served with porridge made with lobster fish stock

Grilled cured curry spiced snapper (NEW)
Served in fish curry gravy

Luxe hae mee tng 
Rich crustacean broth made with pork bones, carrots, shallots, crab, prawns and clams
served with crustacean infused lard
grilled prawns
crispy shallots and lardons
handmade oyster pasta

Green pepper curry clams with nasi lemak
Mild lemak curry cooked with local clams and kampot green peppercorns
served with twice steamed nasi lemak and sambal belachan

Salted egg cured, curry leaf barramundi with grilled vegetables with Laksa leaf pesto

Durian tempoyak mussels, bacon
mussels cooked with fermented durian (durian tempoyak), and bacon

Crab and mango cigars with lime lychee sorbet
salted egg yolk ice cream
Grated salted egg yolk