What’s Your Beef?

During a recent aPORKalypse, I was asked by a regular, why I didn’t have an ALL BEEF menu. That question stumped me. Why DIDN’T I have an all beef menu? So I set about correcting that wrong, given that my favourite meal growing up, used to be a very blue fillet mignon with a baked potato, bacon and sour cream.

I went for a run and wrote an ALL BEEF MENU for What’s Your Beef. It features beef, in all forms, cuts, and with different spices and herbs. All my favourite ways of eating beef.
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That’s how we beef rolling
A delicate slice of beef tongue, rolled with cucumber, served with garlic lime chilli

Don’t BEEF Bergediling me
Wagyu beef bergedil (potato patty) with mushrooms and brown butter

Souper Beef
Spiced beef soup, beef meat balls, Chinese celery, fried shallots

Wagyu so liddat?
Grilled Wagyu a5, Ownself Make kalamansi lime marmalade Beef Short Ribbing
Dry aged beef short rib with locally brewed W Red Rice Wine, red rice wine dip Beefing coconutty 
Beef rendang with our twice steamed Nasi Lemak, ikan billis, coffee sambal, sambal belachanUnmiSTEAKable dry aged beef
Dry aged Australian wagyu (MB5) bone in rib eye, Dry aged grass fed beef,  French fries with ownself make aioliDessert
Ownself make wagyu beef ba kwa, dried longans, red dates tart, 
Soy gula melaka vinegar reduction drizzle
Coffee ice cream