All Of My Favourite Things Dinner

This is truly a dinner that reflects my favourite foods and the suppers that I whip up for the better half and myself. Luncheon meat fried in butter makes a debut, along with my absolute favourite foods – durian, uni and pork. It is a very special dinner, so this will be a one time only event in December.
Join us m at Ownself Make Chef, email, 99 per pax

The bikini sandwich is a hat tip to 2 awesome chefs, Jeremy Cheok and Ming Tan from Jam at Siri House.
Bigini sandwich (BOOMZ)
Ownselfmake white bread with a towering stack of cured pork, gruyere cheese and kewpie mayo

The meat sweats 
White Fruit Rojak with trio of grilled meats – Kurobuta char siewdorper lamb char siew
Nasi lemak with ShenLuncheon meat fried in butter Egg fried in butterPork currySambal petai beans

POPIAH Goes the Weasel!
Inspired by my dad’s family’s Chinese New Year’s popiah party – Popiah filling made with bamboo shoots, mung bean root braised with prawn stock, pork belly
Ownselfmake egg crepe skin, crab, and prawns, chopped eggs, crispy fried fritters, Sng Ngee Chilli

Uni (sea urchin), crab with Handpicked ramen noodles, Dry Aged Pork Jowl, Tofu Puffs 

Pineapple tart
Pineapple tart with short short crumbly pastry, fresh ownselfmake pineapple jam, pineapple sorbet

THE HULK – Green Human Bean 
Green bean water chestnut kueh with glutinous rice and coconut ice cream 

Durian Durian – 80s pop reference here 
The only time I am serving durian at Ownselfmake Chef (aside from the Durian Tempoyak)
Ownselfmake MSW Durian ice cream 
MSW Durian puree