Majulah Singapura Lor! MARK IV (4th YEAR BABY!)

August is a very special month for me, it is the month that modern Singapore was birthed, and my birth month too! I love Singapore and all its wonderful food influences and this special version of Majulah Singapura Lor Mark II is an homage to all those iconic dishes that were created in Singapore together with the dishes that were inspired by the local spices and flavours. Join us for an updated version of Majulah Singapura Lor Mark IV (can you believe it has been 4 years?) on 20 August 2022.

1. maju
developed, progressive

2. maju
move forward
move forward, go, proceed

Growing up in Singapore, as a Singaporean, singing the national anthem day after day in school…the words Majulah Singapura were just words to me. I didn’t understand what they meant until my Malaysian friend told me what Maju meant (she also told me that our national anthem was pretty basic).

With the genesis of Ownself Make Chef, it led me to think about the food I wanted to cook. I knew that I wanted to use the flavours of food I grew up with, Singaporean and South East Asian flavours, but it also made me question myself – what is Singaporean Food, what are Singaporean Flavours?

Singapore is relatively young cuisine wise and we are still growing and developing constantly with different international cuisines, different ingredients and techniques influencing the very way we eat and cook.

There are still constants and with the Majulah Singapura Lor Dinner, I have used South East Asian herbs, spices and sauces – pairing them with premium produce from Singapore, and the rest of the world. It is a real treat to work with local producers like W Rice Wine, Nanyang Sauce, Hong Spices, Ah Hua Kelong and Handpicked to craft a new narrative for Singapore food.

This menu is an homage to Singapore, its beautiful abundance in flavours, cuisines/influences and ideas. It tells the story of WHERE I have come from (the nasi lemak hawker stall, to Wok & Barrel). WHERE I am now (OwnselfMakeChef) and perhaps HOW I will move forward, progress and advance while still staying true to my roots – Majulah Singapura Lor! And no OwnselfmakeChef Dinner would be complete without a little Singlish, so liddat LOR!

128 per pax, email to chope your seats

Made in Singapore Platter (NEW)
Lohei – Yu Sheng
An integral part of Singapore’s culinary lore, this dish which was created by the Four Heavenly Chefs in Singapore. This iconic dish is made lighter and less sweet with more savoury notes, with fresh fish from Ah Hua Kelong, incorporating Cantonese and Teochew elements of Yu Sheng

Nasi lemak sushi (NEW) 

Chilli crab savoury flan (NEW)
Singapore’s iconic crab dish is made into a savoury egg custard 

Ba Chor Mee
My favourite Singaporean hawker dish, 5 spice pork confit with handmade oysters noodles, tossed through Lard Sambal, Vinegar

Nasi Ulam 2.0
Our very special Nasi Ulam 2.0 which is made with more than 26 ingredients with herbs specially grown in our sekret garden

Prawn & Chinese Chives
Creamy rice porridge made with prawn stock, infused with premium local tau cheo by Nanyang Sauce, assam fruit slices for tartness
Tau pok croutons
King Prawns
Chinese Chives

BBQ squid with white rojak (New Dish)
Juicy tender squid marinated and grilled over a charcoal grill, served with #ownselfmake sambal belachan 

Red rice wine (NEW dish) 
Red rice wine dry aged pork belly with locally brewed W Rice Wine pork broth, red rice wine dip 

Kalamansi & kampot peppercorns
Kalamansi lime lychee sorbet, coconut ice cream with mung bean doughnut, kalamansi marmalade, cracked red kampot peppercorns

Chng tng cake
Dried longan gula melaka cake with assam, chilli, gula melaka syrup
Brown butter cake with longans cooked in gula melaka
Cashew ice cream