“Extra” Sinfully Seafood DINNER

Working with the best of local seafood and premium seafood from Tsukiji market to Ah Hua Kelong in Singapore, the Sinfully Seafood Dinner is created for seafood lovers who enjoy Singaporean flavours.

Email dine@gastrogig.com to chope your seats now, 128 per pax.

Sinfully Seafood Dinner Schedule (click here)

“Extra” Mee Siam ceviche with Uni
Premium uni, Botan ebi, Hokkaido scallop and grouper cured in kalamansi lime and mee siam rempah, mixed with pineapple, cucumber, coriander, spring onions, chilli, chinese chives and tau pok croutons

Oyster fritters with salted egg yolk aioli
Whole shucked oysters battered and deep fried served with housemade salted egg yolk aioli

Seafood tau pok pau
Otak mousse stuffed in tau pok with torch ginger flower, leeks and deep fried. Served with garlic chilli lime (sng ngee)

Luxe hae mee tng
Rich crustacean broth made with pork bones, carrots, shallots, swimmer crab, prawns and clams. Served with jumbo prawns grilled with crustacean infused lard and hand made oyster pasta. Garnished with crispy shallots and lardons

Green pepper curry clams with nasi lemak
Mild lemak curry cooked with local clams and kampot green peppercorns. Served with twice steamed nasi lemak and sambal belachan

Grilled salted egg cured barramundi
Salted egg cured barramundi with grilled vegetables and laksa leaf pesto

Durian tempoyak mussels and bacon
Mussels cooked with fermented durian (durian tempoyak), leeks and bacon

Crab and mango crepes with kaffir lime leaf lychee sorbet, salted egg yolk ice cream, grated salted egg yolk