Myanmar Anthropology RabbitHole Dinner

So the first in the series of Anthropology RabbitHole Series, we will be shining the light on the amazing food and culture of Myanmar. I will be joined by Chef Goo Goo who is an amazing chef who makes the most delicious food. We are putting together a TEN COURSE extravaganza – where a key ingredient will get the traditional treatment from Chef Goo Goo, and I will put my spin on it.

I have been fascinated by the way different cultures use different ingredients. A friend of mine, a very famous botanist and celebrity (James Wong @botanygeek) told me about how in Peru they only use it in sweet applications. That is fascinating to me because in South East Asia, we tend to use it in savoury applications like Curries, Nasi Lemak and Rendang. 

We have very limited seats over two nights, 17 & 18 Feb 2023. 

Email to chope your seats. 158 per pax.


Amuse bouche

Quail egg pancakes


Chef Goo Goo – Shan Tofu Salad

Chef Shen – Chick pea flat bread with chilli oil thai basil laksa leaf gremolata

Pickled Organic Tea Leaves

Chef Goo Goo – Pickled Tea Salad with shrimps

Chef Shen – Tea leaf aged grouper with scallops, rice and cabbage


Chef Goo Goo – Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetables (Mandalay-style)

The pork is slow cooked with preserved gooseberries, mangoes, tomatoes and garlic. The original Hung Lay that is made famous in northern Thailand. We call it Hin Lay.

Chef Shen – 21 days dry aged pork shoulder with tomato & mango chutney

Chicken & Green Chillies

Chef Goo Goo – Rakhine-style Chicken Curry with Green Chilies

Chef Shen – Fried chicken with Nasi lemak and sambal hijau (green chilli sambal)


Lard banana tart, gula melaka butterscotch, gula melaka butterscotch ice cream