Rempah Anthropology RabbitHole Dinner

I am often asked if I am Peranakan because I am often inspired by the flavour combinations found in Peranakan food. 

For the second dinner in the series of Anthropology RabbitHole, I will be collaborating with the inimitable Angeline Neo, writer & Peranakan Private Dining Chef. We will be showcasing Rempahs – four of them.

Our deep dive into rempahs will see us cooking a dish with each rempah. Even dessert will feature a rempah.

Delight in the spices and herbs that we will highlight over 10 courses. You will be taken an alternate universe, not unlike Alice’s Wonderland – where rules may be bent, but delicious food will be had.

We have limited seats over 2 nights, 28 & 29 April 2023. Email to chope. 158 per pax.

Amuse bouche

Bloody Mary with chilli garam & keropok

Rempah : Chilli Garam 

Chilli Garam (a 2-ingredient rempah comprising fresh red chillies and garlic only)


Udang chilli Garam with herbed lemongrass rice and sambal nanas

Dry aged grouper with chilli garam, caramelised onions and roasted chillis , fried shallots

Fish broth with chilli garam

Rempah titek : Rempah Titek (rempah blend: fresh red chillies/chilli padi, shallots, garlic, buah keras and belachan)


Babi Asam Sundae – Babi asam pulled pork, roasted garlic and cognac mash, Asian slaw, crispy wonton chip and cherry tomato

Pork confit with rempah titek dry rub, achar with papaya rempah titek, nasi lemak

Rempah: Gerang Asam

Gerang Asam (rempah blend: Dried red chilles, fresh red chillies, garlic, shallots, galangal, turmeric, belachan, buah keras)


Otak Jantan lontong tower topped with a spicy roasted cauliflower floret

Slow-cooked wagyu beef short rib in gerang asam rempah, grilled, and served with thai basil and laksa leaf pesto

Rempah: Sambal Tamarind (Fresh red chillies, garlic, onion, candlenut, belachan and tamarind)


Phoenix Scotch Egg – A Scotch egg with a pongtauhu meat mixture, on a bed of mesclun greens/pea shoots, fried yam straws, drizzled with a sambal tamarind drizzle

Dry aged duck breast with sambal tamarind, Sambal hijau, kicap manis


5 spice sugar cured pork belly

Caramelised onion waffles with Sambal Tamarind Rempah & gula melaka syrup

Gula melaka ice cream