(Peranakan) Rempah Cooking Class (NEW)

In this first ever rempah cooking class, we (Angeline Neo and I) will teach you how to make rempahs, and also show you how to use them in more traditional ways and non traditional ways.

We will cook with two foundational rempahs – chilli garam, and rempah titek and explain to you how you can make them and to cook two dishes with each rempah.

We will also suggest vegan substitutions for each of the rempahs. You will then eat lunch with your classmates. 198 per pax.

Email ownselfmakechef@gmail.com to chope your seats or message (Eight9499102)

• What is rempah?

• Pounding vs Blending – does it really make a quantifiable difference? When it might make a difference

• Rempah ingredients – chillis (why we use certain chillies), shallots versus onions – does it matter? Belachan – what to look for

• Processing – different processing methods (whether you process your ingredients fresh, pre-fry or roast) will result in a different finish and flavours even.

• The Tumis (Frying) – You’re basically trying to cook the water out of the rempah, and you want to get to the stage where the oil splits from your rempah mixture. But our hacks will make it much easier to tell when to help pull it off the heat.

Rempah : Chilli Garam 

Chilli Garam (a 2-ingredient rempah comprising fresh red chillies and garlic only)


Udang chilli Garam

Fish broth with chilli garam, caramelised onions and roasted chillis , fried shallots

Rempah titek : Rempah Titek (rempah blend: fresh red chillies/chilli padi, shallots, garlic, buah keras and belachan)


Babi Asam

5 spice pork confit


1030 am – 1230 pm Cooking and Discussion

1230 pm – 130 pm Lunch (with Wine, Beer or Sodas)