Sambals, Achar and Pork Confit

You will learn how to make the various sambals we use at Ownselfmake Chef and also explore the theme of fermentation and preservation with Dry Rubs, Achar (pickles) and Pork Confit. We also make some delicious and unusual sambals such as,

Coffee Sambal

Sambal Tumis

Lard Sambal

Lacto Fermented Achar

We will explore lacto fermenting vegetables, which are soured naturally with just salt and water, and seasoning the resulting pickle with the glorious mix of achar rempah (which we will teach you how to make)

Dry rub for Pork Confit

I will teach the essentials of building a dry rub, incorporating the flavours you love with the base mix of sugar and salt

I will also show you how to confit pork, and how to use cook pork confit

Clams with Lard Sambal

We will cook fresh clams with the lard sambal we made

You will sit down to a lunch of Ba Chor Mee Pasta with Pork Confit

Clams cooked in Lard Sambal

Steamed rice with achar, sambals (that you made), omelette

Wine and Beer

198 per pax

1030 – 1230 Cooking

1230 – 1330 LUNCH (Good food and fun times!)