Drink Drank Drunk Dinner

I am proud to present the first dinner that uses alcohol made locally in Singapore with a variety of local flavours in 8 courses set in the unique gastronomic style of Ownself Make Chef.

I will be dry ageing in Gertrude The Dry Ager some awesome Wagyu Bone In Ribeye (MB5) with Off Day Beer Brewing Double IPA Beer. And showcasing these amazing flavourful alcohol along side the dishes. Savour beers, Teh O Rum Liquer, Chinese Red Rice Wine from W Rice Wine, Gins and Mead.

Rojak Gin Marinated Blood Cockles 
Aromatic Rojak flower gin from Compendium Singapore. Cockles marinated in gin with prawn powder, steamed, served with bee tai mak tossed through chilli, lime, green papaya 

Gin (hor jiak) Fish Porridge
Brass Lion Pahit Gin cured grouper, porridge, chilli (sng ngee), lemongrass, pandan, kaffir lime leaf chiffonade, charred lettuce

Slightly drunk Kombucha prawns
Ownselfmake mango Kombucha with tea smoked prawns, fried Kombucha, dried mangoes 

Ba Kwa(k) Kwa(k) Kwa(k) Roasted Chicken 
W Red rice wine lees in ba kwa marinade 
Roasted organic GG Poulet chicken, ba kwa chicken skin crisp, glutinous rice 

Beery good beef
Off Day Double IPA Dry Aged beef with Ownself Make Prawn Powder Sea Salt, French Fries

Daylight come and me wan’ go home
TEH, me say TEH, me say TEH, me say TEH
Me say TEH, me say TEH-o…PORK
21 days dry Teh o liqueur yume no daichi pork  

Unbeerlievably Good Mussels
Mussels with Off Day Haze BeerAh Hua kelong mussels cooked in citrusy Haze Beer from Off Day Brewing Company, locally made lup cheong, yun cheong 

Mead me in honey and spices
Rachelle Mead honey drizzle, honey spiced brown butter cake 
Mead Ice cream