Ownself Make Chef Cooking Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make the dishes we create at OwnselfMake Chef?

Did you ever want to ownself make the dishes we serve at Ownself Make Chef? 

Join us for a series of cooking classes :

  1. Twice steamed Nasi Lemak, no stir beef rendang 
  2. Make Mee Great Again 
  3. aPORKalypse
  4. Pizza, Pesto & Sambals

NASI LEMAK & No stir beef rendang 

Learn how to make fuss free no stir beef rendang, the twice steamed nasi lemak that I started my professional cooking career with and out utterly decadent gula melaka kaya


In this class, we will explore the classic noodle dishes from our hawker culture that have been given a luxe umami boost. Learn how to make a wonderfully balanced sweet umami bomb of a mee siam, an old school mee rebus which is naturally thickened with sweet potato mash and collagen (yes, you read that right!) and a really GAO (rich and tasty) Hae Mee Tng, Prawn Noodle Soup.

We will finish off with an extra lemak deconstructed Chendol, the Shendol from Wok & Barrel days.


Learn how to make the most delicious porcine dishes at home and be a pork star! From cooking dry aged pork chops to perfectly pink to baking off the most flakey short pastry made with lard.

Pizza, Pesto & Sambals

Ever wanted to ownself make the sambals you have tasted at Ownself Make Chef? Discover the joys of lacto fermented achar and also how you can make your own pork confit at home, both the old fashioned way (and new fangled way).

We will enjoy the fruits of our labour over lunch, with beer or wine. Spaces are limited, so Whatsapp 89499102 or email ownselfmakechef@gmail.com to chope your seat now. 198 per pax.

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aPORKalypse Cooking Class (NEW)

Twice Steamed Nasi Lemak Cooking Class

Make Mee Great Again Cooking Class

Pizza, Sambals, and pesto (NEW)

Sit down to a fantastic lunch that you cooked, chat with Chef Shen and your classmates

Not only learn will you learn special proprietary recipes from the kitchen of Ownself Make Chef, but Chef Shen will also share special tips and tricks that will help you create your own special recipes and dishes

1030 am – 1230pm Cooking
1230 pm – 130pm Lunch
198 per pax

Email ownselfmakechef@gmail.com or message 89499102 to chope your places now