Dry Ageing At Home Cooking Class (Bonus Nasi Ulam Class)

Dry Ageing At Home Cooking Class (with Bonus Nasi Ulam Class)

198 per pax

You will learn how to dry age various meats – beef and pork, without the use of a dry ager. And learn how to cook your dry aged steak or pork chop.

We also show you how you can age your (fresh) fish just like how we do at our Dry Aged RabbitHole Dinner.

We will also teach you the ways of making achar without the laborious blanching and drying in sun of vegetables, This method will save you time and give you loads of good gut bacteria (probiotics). I will also teach you how to make your own delicious Nasi Ulam Pesto.

Dry Aged Steak

How you can dry age your own steak at home, cook it and serve it up!

Dry Aged Fish

You will learn how to age your fish with organic fermented tea leaves for deeper flavour.

Nasi Ulam Pesto
Specially created by Chef Shen using more than 10 herbs and spices. Great for use in breads, pasta, or even the traditional application of rice and fish. We will show you how you can whip up a healthy and delicious meal in under 5 minutes with this pesto.

Lacto Fermented Achar

We will explore lacto fermenting vegetables, which are soured naturally with just salt and water, and seasoning the resulting pickle with the glorious mix of achar rempah (which we will teach you how to make)

You will sit down to a lunch of :


Dry Aged Steak with french fries

Dry Aged fish with rice

Nasi Ulam Pasta


Wine and Beer

198 per pax

Saturday, 1 April 2023

Sunday, 2 April 2023

1030 – 1230 Cooking

1230 – 1330 LUNCH (Good food and fun times!)