Rice To The Occasion

I created the Rice To The Occasion Menu, paying homage to this amazing grain which is used in our food – as a seasoning (toasted rice powder, vinegars, wine), as a staple (rice bowls, porridge and noodles) and even desserts!

I hope you enjoy all 10 courses of this rice inspired/infused dishes


Savoury mochi in coconut prawn broth
Handmade glutinous rice balls filled with water chestnuts, chives, minced prawns and pork served in a spiced prawn young coconut water lemongrass soup

NOT Goreng Pisang
Savoury green banana glutinous rice fish cakesMashed green bananas with glutinous rice flour, purple rice, locally grown ah hua kelong barramundi, fried shallots with crispy white bait served with salted egg yolk dip

Ayam what ayam
Stuffed chicken wings with Glutinous Rice, garlic chives, water chestnuts, chinese celery, turmeric root, garlic and ginger
Deep fried

Shen’s Comfort Food – Nasi Lemak
Fried marinated quail, fried quail egg, luncheon meat fried in butter
Twice steamed Nasi Lemak with sambal belachan

Ba Kwa Beef
Red wine lees bakwa marinade grilled beef. Thai rice berry salad with cucumber, tomatoes, onions, seasoned with fish sauce and Nanyang Sauce rice vinegar

Fish Porridge PLUS
Sake cured grouper with torch ginger flower, Kaffir lime leaf and ginger. Served with rice porridge made with fish stock

Grilled Pork Cheek, Pork Neck, Pork Tongue
Dry rub of toasted sticky rice powder, galangal, gula melaka, salt marinates pork neck, pork tongue, pork cheek for one week. Grilled over charcoal binchotan. Served with grilled rice cakes, pineapple and cucumber, dip of rice vinegar, chilli, soy and garlic

Nasi Lemak Dessert
Nasi lemak rice cracker, coconut ice cream, toasted coconut, candied pork belly with ikan billis and peanuts, gula melaka butterscotch

Sweet Png Kueh
Sweet filling of black glutinous rice, cashew nuts, gula melaka butterscotch, toasted coconut. Pan fried in brown butter. Served with cashew nut ice cream and gula melaka butterscotch