Ownself Make Dry Aged Beef

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Kagoshima A3 Wagyu (Dry Aged 100 days) 35.80/100g
Kagoshima is a leading livestock producing prefecture in Japan. It is also the largest producer of the Japanese Black Cattle (Kuroge Wagyu), which is famous for its superior meat quality. The Kagoshima Kuroushi beef is highly regarded for its exceptional taste.
Dry aged for 100 days, the A3 wagyu is the right mix of marbling and sweet beef, resulting in an intensely nutty and sweet treat. Finish with brown butter, sea salt and freshly cracked red peppercorns.

Sanchoku Beef F1 WAGYU OP RIBS BONE IN, MB 5, 11.90/100g
(Dry aged for 60 days to maximise flavour and tenderness)
The Japanese philosophy of Sanchoku follows the principal of food and produce being “direct from the source”.This practice promotes transparency between customers and producers, championing the production of the highest quality produce and care to animals. Our Sanchoku Wagyu beef honours this philosophy, blending the finest Japanese Wagyu genetics with the supreme quality and purity of Australian beef.

Pure Black 100% Grass Fed Angus Beef Bone In Rib Eye, Australia (Dry Aged 30 days) 9.80/100g
Pure Black Grass Fed Angus beef is grown in southern Victoria & Tasmania, regions renowned for abundant rainfall, clean air and a pristine environment.

Young cattle thrive on green pastures in a relaxed setting to ensure their meat is beautifully soft and tender without the need of added hormones. This region is home to many premium breeds, but the real king of Pure Black Beef is Angus, trusted in fine dining restaurants across the world. Pure Black Beef is guaranteed to be tender, juicy and full of flavour.

Stanbroke Signature Black Angus Bone In Rib Eye, Australia (Dry Aged 60 Days), 11.80/100g
Pure Angus cattle are raised on natural pastures before being finished with a proprietary grain feed for intense marbling and flavour. This primal cut of beef, rack of 7 ribs, is dry aged for 60 days to further intensify flavour, resulting in an extremely juicy, tender and flavourful steak.

USDA Prime (Dry Aged 30 Days), 9.90/100g
This is the highest grade of beef with the most fat marbling. This meat is very tender and only accounts for about 2.9 percent of all graded beef. U.S. Prime is usually reserved for high-end dining establishments. Because this grade of beef has such a high level of fat marbling, it is excellent for dry heat cooking methods. These include roasting, grilling, frying, broiling, and baking. Dry aged for 30 days for maximum flavour.