Make Mee Great Again Cooking Class

Join us for the Noodle edition of Ownselfmake Chef Cooking Class!

In this class, we will explore the classic noodle dishes from our hawker culture that have been given a luxe umami boost. Learn how to make a wonderfully balanced sweet umami bomb of a mee siam, an old school mee rebus which is naturally thickened with sweet potato mash and collagen (yes, you read that right!) and a really GAO (rich and tasty) Hae Mee Tng, Prawn Noodle Soup. We will finish off with an extra lemak deconstructed Chendol, the Shendol from Wok & Barrel days.

We will enjoy the fruits of our labour over lunch, with beer or wine. Spaces are limited, so email to chope your seat now (198 per pax), or whatsapp 89499102.


Mee siam 
We will teach you how to make the rempah as well as the seafood infused stock for the gravy. Your mee siam will be the perfect balance between savoury, sweetness, tartness and umami.

Mee rebus

You will revisit the original mee rebus with a thick rich gravy made old school, with sweet potato mash, rempah and a secret ingredient which we will share with you. 

Hae mee

Learn how to make this sweetly umami prawn stock with complex layers and bumped up full bodied flavours. You will also learn how to make the oyster pasta that is served with the prawn soup, and that is the favourite dish of our SOLD OUT Sinfully Seafood Menu, Luxe Hae Mee Tng


The humble chendol is deconstructed into a coconut panna cotta – you will learn how to make this delicious creamy lemak dessert during class.

Saturday, 20 May 2023 
1030 am to 130 pm