Ownself Make Dry Aged Pork

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Here’s what DuBeers Kitchen says :
“Magic on a plate. 14 days dry aged chuletero Iberico pork loin chops from OwnselfmakeChef, seasoned with pepper and grilled. Its was just…. magical. Intense nutty flavours, a very pleasing porkiness. Incredibly tender. Delicious!”

Picture : DuBeers Kitchen

Check out the marbling through the dark rich red muscle of the iberico pig! Each chop will be about 18 SGD, 200g each or 8.80/100g

Dry Aged Kurobuta Pork Chop (Dry Aged 14 Days) 7.8/100g

Juicy, tender and packed with flavour dry aged pork loin chops with bone in. This pork is so sweet and tasty, that you only need to season it with salt and the best pepper from Hong Spices.

21 Days Teh O Rum Liquer Dry Aged Sakura Pork Loin, 9.80/100g
A highly marbled pork loin bone in chop, dry aged with Teh O rum liqueur from Compendium Singapore. Smokey notes from the Teh O rum liqueur compliment the sweet juicy pork

Rendang Spice Lardo 3.5/100g
Who doesn’t love lard? Especially cured lard? This has been given the Ownself Make Chef spin – we cure slabs of fatback (pig’s back fat) in our proprietary blend of rendang spices, herbs and salt for 2 weeks. Then dry age it in Gertrude The Dry Ager for 60 days. Sliced thinly, you can eat it draped over your steaming hot pasta or rice or toast. A little goes a long way.

Chocolate & Chinese 5 Spice Lardo 3.5/100g
Smoky dark chocolate is mixed with chinese 5 spice powder, salt and sugar, curing the lard for 2 weeks. Dry aged in Gertrude The Dry Ager for 60 days. Sliced thinly, you can have it sweet or savoury, your choice!

Dry Aged Pork Jowl, 3.9/100g
The butcher’s favourite cut from the pig, Secreto de papada, is a glorious mix of fat and sweet pork.

We dry age the pork jowl for 7 days. You can pan fry it in lard or butter, slice it up and serve with uni. Or cube it and render it to cook yourself some creamy porcine carbonara