Offally Good Dinner

I have had a long love affair with offal, give me secondary cuts and organs any day over prime cuts like ribeye and tenderloin. There is nothing I love more than pig brains (better than shirako!), stomach, intestines and tongue.

The flavours and textures of offal and secondary cuts are truly delicious. We will pair all manner of offal both premium and unusual with local flavours and spices.

Ear me out 
Crispy fried pig ears served with sng ngee (garlic lime chilli sauce)

Hot to trot
Terrine of pig’s trotters, heart, shoulderServed with laksa leaf pesto Scallion pancakes

French kiss Mee 
Sous Vide Pig’s Tongue, grilled over a charcoal fire and served with Indomie Mi Goreng, ikura, and scallop

Turn the other cheek 
Beef cheek chocolate rawon (spiced indonesian beef stew with buah keluak), bone marrow, sambal belachan, beef fat fried rice 

I’ve gut a feeling 
Pork confit, pork meat balls, heart, smart sauce, bcm sauce, lardons, intestine noodles (pig’s intestines cut into noodles)

Don’t ducking liver me 
Braised duck gizzards, seared foie gras, pink duck breast, balsamic soy 

Wagyu so liddat? 
Deep fried Puffed Tripe honeycomb, seared A3 wagyu beef 

Puff Clucky
Chicken skin puffs
Chicken hearts bak kwa, chicken liver sherry mousse, gula melaka ice cream, chicken floss, ginger kalamansi lime marmalade