Strange Fruit Dinner

The fruit isn’t really strange, they are regular kinds of fruit. Just that they are some times spicy, and some times savoury applications of the fruit that you don’t really expect. It is also a little strange to think of chilli as fruit, or even peppercorns, or even coffee….but you know what, they are fruit. They are STRANGE FRUIT (but not in the Billie Holiday context).

This menu is an exploration of how we knowingly or unknowingly use fruit in South East Asian cooking. I love tropical fruit and this menu uses fruit in some pretty unusual ways.


Green mango cured in hae ko (prawn paste) and sugar, served with grilled squid, grilled you tiao and tau pok

Banana, Kalamansi Lime
Mille feuille of green bananas with sliced wagyu beef. Breaded and battered and deep fried, served with kalamansi marmalade, kewpie mayo

Guava, Chilli
Guava chilli with fresh Ah Hua mussels

Green jackfruit, mixed with mashed cooked jackfruit seeds, breaded and deep fried. Topping short grain japanese rice. Served with curry sauce and onions

Sour Plum
Chef Shen’s special secret sos fried chicken with sour plum salt spice dip

Kurobuta pork ribs slow cooked in longan and gula melaka bbq sauce

Assam Fruit, Coffee
Tart assam fruit coffee glaze on boneless frog legs, accented with Hong Spices black peppercorns

Peppercorns, Lychee
Red peppercorns coconut ice cream, lychee sorbet, red peppercorns brown butter cake