Fire & Smoke RabbitHole Dinner

With the Fire & Smoke RabbitHole Dinner, we return to cooking in the most elemental way – fire. We will showcasing the use of fire through grills and charcoal fires, as well as smoking.

Smoking has been a traditional cooking technique that is used for food preservation. It is also is a great way of cooking at a low heat – turning a tough cut of meat tender – We will be smoking a 45 day dry aged wagyu picanha with grilled pineapple. So get ready to get smokin’ hot!

158 per pax

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Seafood Smoke

Tea Smoked oysters in shell with ikura, chicken skin crackling

Thrice cooked Duck

Tea smoked duck, steamed, then grilled, served with dipping sauce of soy and aged balsamico

Fish & Bread

Smoked barramundi with chilli oil thai basil laksa leaf gremolata, smoked salt butter, sourdough

Grilled King Prawns with Nasi Lemak

Drizzled with crustacean infused lard, crunchy lardons, smoked sambal belachan and Chef Shen’s signature twice steamed nasi lemak

Smoked Dry Aged Wagyu Picanha 

Dry aged for 45 days, smoked until juicy

Served with a grilled pineapple salsa

Rendang dry rub Wagyu short ribs

Slow cooked wagyu short ribs with a dry rub of the inimitable flavours of rendang

Finished on a charcoal grill

Wagyu Beef Noodles

Grilled Miyazaki A4 Wagyu with handmade oyster pasta, rich beef broth

Smoked pineapple smoked beef fat tart, cinnamon smoke, gula melaka ice cream, gula melaka butterscotch