What The Duck DINNER


I was asked this question…and the answer is, Duck is the most underrated meat. I love the deep flavour of duck and this menu reflects the different cooking styles and methods of duck. Join us on this wonderful journey and exploration of DUCK with WHAT THE DUCK!

Duck Soup
Duck soup x 3 ravioli
1. Duck ravioli
2. Prawn ravioli with laksa leaf pesto
3. Buah keluak ravioli
Bathing in a very comforting duck and blue swimmer crab broth with blue ginger, green peppercorns, lemongrass

Ducking (chee cheong) Fun
Duck gizzards, pan seared foie gras with chee cheong fun. Served with soy balsamic reduction, sambal belachan

I Ducking love porridge
Silky smooth rice porridge cooked with duck stock with salted eggs, century eggs and lightly poached duck meatballs

Duck Pie
Flakey pie pastry made with duck fat and butter, layered with soy braised duck, chestnut and grated salted egg yolk

Thrice Cooked Tea Smoked Duck
Whole duck marinated in soy duck master stock, tea hot-smoked, steamed, then grilled over charcoal. Served with a soy lime dressing

Duck Noodles
Handpicked kolo egg noodles, tossed in duck soy stock, duck fat, chilli. Served with oyster fritters, twice cooked duck breast (confit, pan seared)

Duck Roulade with Crab
Dry rub of cacao, aged mandarin peel, brown sugar and ginger marinates duck thigh, stuffed with crab meat is pan fried. Served with a soy braised rice cracker, Singapore Chilli Crab Sauce, pineapple and cucumber salad, and Japanese short grain rice

Where’s The Duck Dessert
Duck Kwa (hand chopped hand made duck bak kwa)with salted egg yolk ice cream, dark caramelised soy sauce, 5 Spice, Gula Melaka Butterscotch, and crispy duck skin