Souper Shiok RabbitHole Dinner

Soups and broths are the very foundation of all things culinary. In the great tradition of Chinese soups and bone broths, this particular RabbitHole Dinner is all about the delicious things we eat that are made with soups, broths and stocks. 

You will enjoy myriad dishes (9 courses) that may or may not take on the form of a bowl of soup.

Join us on 21 & 22 July 2023

158 per pax

Amuse bouche

Savoury soy milk with fuzhok

Quail eggs

Swimming in a bowl

Ownself Make salted mustard greens (giam chye) and fish broth with Ah Hua Kelong golden pomfret 

Hot (Pot) Pork Soup

Inspired by the OG Beauty in a Pot (from Taiwan) this spiced broth (with 22 ingredients) features Hokkaido pork slices dipped in the hot broth

Fried meat balls

Lobster porridge

Creamy rice porridge with crustacean stock 

Topped with shaved truffles

Poached Lobster and prawns

Luxe hae mee tng

Rich crustacean broth made with pork bones, carrots, shallots, crab, prawns and clams

Topped with grilled prawns, crispy shallots and lardons

Handmade oyster pasta

Nasi lemak with Grilled prawns

Nasi lemak served with sambal, grilled prawns

Claypot rice fish stock with 21-day dry aged pork

Collagen rich fish broth cooked claypot rice, with dark caramel soy

Dry aged pork collar 

Souper buntut

Spiced beef broth with a duo of beef

Grilled wagyu beef short rib 

sliced A4 wagyu


Green Bean Soup

Green bean sago deep fried, gula melaka syrup, coconut cream and coconut ice cream