Spice Shenanigans (Don’t cry for me)

Are you a spice fiend? Do you add hot sauce to EVERYTHING you eat? Do you crave the hot flush from chilli? If you said yes, then you will want to be at Spice Shenanigans.You will enjoy all manner of spices and heat, derived not only from chilli, but also kampot peppercorns, sichuan peppercorns, garlic and ginger. 9 courses of fiery goodness, even in the dessert!


Chilli oil dumplings
Handpicked dumpling wrappers encase a luscious mix of a pork, prawn, water chestnuts and garlic chives, drizzled with Nanyang Sauce black vinegar, chilli infused lard oil, fried garlic crisps, fried shallotsPeppercorns & Squid
Mix of red, black and white kampot peppercorns from Hong Spices with squid tempuraPineapple Sambal & Mussels
Cooked Pineapple Sambal Tumis with fresh Ah Hua Kelong musselsFried spicy pork sandwich
Pork belly marinated in super spicy chilli padi sambal, deep fried and served chilli garlic kewpie mayo and Ownself Make chilli lard breadLard Sambal Pasta
Lard sambal (chilli padi sambal rempah slowly cooked in rendered lard, with crunchy lardons) tossed through pasta and slow cooked pork shoulderChilli Lard & Fish
Spicy chilli lard oil, dried chillies, sichuan peppercorns, fried garlic, Ah Hua Kelong barraundi fillets, spiced fish broth with pickled mustard greensNasi Lemak & Chicken Rendang
Sambal belachan with twice steamed nasi lemak
Crispy fried chicken rendangPork & Ginger
Ownself Make pork terrine with Nanyang Sauce vinegar ginger dip, chilli padi and garlic sng ngeeHae Bee Hiam & Black Peppercorn Cake
Lychee sorbet, black kampot peppercorn brown butter cake, coconut ice cream, hae bee hiam gula melaka butterscotch