Fry Me To The Moon

12 courses of deep-fried happiness, 10 savoury, 2 desserts
Inspired by South East Asian flavours and spices


Smoked fish roe with assam pedas and petai wantons
Ownselfsmoke fish roe, cooked in spicy tangy gravy together with petai beans. Wrapped in wanton skins, deep fried in lard

Fried frog legs with porridge
Locally farmed frog legs, marinated in Hong Spices White Peppercorns and Fleur de sel from Kampot, tempura batter and deep fried. Served with a creamy rice porridge and drizzled with sichuan chilli oil

Oyster with scrambled eggs wanton
Oysters encased in rich scrambled eggs, wrapped as a dumpling, deep fried and served with sng ngee, garlic lime chilli sauce

Hong Kong French toast with pork
Hong Kong style french toast, stuffed with 5 spice pork confit, dipped in eggy batter, deep fried. Served with achar

Deep fried school prawns, kalamansi tuile with salted egg yolk aioli
Small school prawn fritters, deep fried lacy batter, crispy and crunchy

Deep fried chicken wings with spiced salt mix
Chicken wings marinated for 48 hours in Chef Shen’s secret sauce, battered and deep fried. Served with a spiced salt and sugar mix

Deep fried har cheong pork ribs with giam chye relish
Slow cooked fall off the bone tender pork ribs, marinated in har cheong, floured and deep fried in lard. Served with ownselfmake giam chye sweet relish

Deep fried beef rendang bombs
Slow cooked beef rendang wrapped in prata, deep fried in lard and served with twice steamed nasi lemak

Crispy chicken rendang
Crispy fried chicken rendang, need I say more? Hello MasterChef!

Deep fried fish platter with nasi lemak and sambal belachan
Deep fried fish bones, crunchy and salty, served with sambal belachan
Deep fried fish skins
Deep fried golden pomfret from Ah Hua Kelong

Sweet doughnut
Sweet potato doughnut with candied bacon, gula melaka butterscotch and coconut ice cream

Kaya Hong Kong French Toast
Hong Kong style french toast, slathered with gula melaka kaya with a wedge of french butter, dipped in eggy batter and deep fried. Served with gula melaka ice cream and toasted coconut