Sweet Surrender

Sweet surrender, where we explore the natural sweetness of food beyond the obvious sources like sugar, honey and fruit. The dishes created highlight the natural umami sweetness from seafood, caramelised meats and vegetables. From the caramelised sugars in slow roasted sweet, sweet tender beef,and the sweet brininess of crab, scallops and fish.

Sweet roasted vegetables grilled over charcoal binchotan
Celtuce with white miso and Myanmar Niger flower honey
Slow roasted Japanese sweet potatoes
Slow roasted carrots and chestnuts
Sweet corn
Garlic confit in butter

Beef and Dates
Beef carpaccio with date syrup, fish sauce and browned butter

Pork patties with water chestnuts with caramelised onions
Minced pork with chopped sweet water chestnuts with sweet caramelised onions, drizzled with Chinese vinegar reduction with Nanyang Sauce 12 Month aged virgin brew light soy sauce

Pork ribs, crab, fish and porridge
Rice porridge made with broth made from young coconut water, roasted pork ribs, prawn, fish, scallops and crab
Sweet sea prawns poached in porridge, crab, pork confit, barramundi by ah hua kelong

Scallops and Kinako
Pan seared sweet hokkaido scallops in brown butter, dusted with sweet kinako powder (roasted soy bean flour)

Lamb with Kicap Manis
Lamb satay marinated with asian aromatics, cinnamon and pandan, cooked over a charcoal grill, drizzled with kicap manis

Jaggery sugar cake drizzled with gula melaka butterscotch, gula melaka ice cream

Sweet potato pie, lard butter crust, Jaggery sugar meringue with coconut ice cream