aPORKalypse Cooking Class

As you may have guessed by now, I have a love for all things pork and I often asked how do I cook pork. I will be conducting a pork cooking masterclass that will teach you how to cook the perfect pork chop with SCIENCE (a digital thermometer), by removing the guesswork!

We will do several cuts of pork, from the dry aged bone in pork loin chop to roasting pork belly with crispy crackling (who doesn’t love crackling?). I will also show you how to make that deeply flavourful pork shoulder cut tender, juicy and delicious. And just for (spicy) kicks, I will also show you how to make THAT lard sambal which you so love.

And to top it off with a dessert : grilled banana tart from the BBQ MAI TU LIAO menu, (YES, THAT lard and butter pastry), torched meringue, candied bacon and gula melaka ice cream

You really don’t want to miss out on this HOG HEAVEN!
You’ll learn how to cook these 5 dishes and feast on them over lunch with wine and beer

21 days dry aged pork loin chop

Email ownselfmakechef@gmail.com to chope your seat (we have limited seats), 198 per pax

Grilled banana tart, candied bacon, gula melaka butterscotch 
Roast pork with crackling 
5 spice pork confit
Lard sambal
21 days dry aged pork loin bone in chop

Class schedule
29 April 2023
1030 – 1330

1030 – 1230 Cooking
1230 – 1330 LUNCH (Good food and fun times!)