Ownself Make Chef Dry Aged Meats

So some of you know that I now have this gorgeous HUNK (of metal) in my life and will be dry ageing meats (lots of meat!) in Gertrude (yes, that is her name because she is German and very comely AND efficient). Once you’ve savoured the complex rich flavours of Dry Aged meats, you’ll never look back

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Why do we dry age meats?
1. Flavour enhancement – concentrates the flavour of the meats, resulting in a deep, richly savoury, nutty sweetness.
2. Juicy and tender meat – especially with grass fed beef!

DRY AGED BEEF (click here)

DRY AGED PORK  (click here)

DRY AGED LAMB (click here)

What our satisfied customers say :

“Super happy to cook up a Sunday feast of dry aged steak and pork from Chef Shen. I followed her simple instructions to cook the meats in the oven followed by searing the meats over the stove and basking them with lots of butter. It was quite exciting waiting in anticipation for the steak to sizzle up and the excitement of that first slice into the steak.”
Janice Chia

“Yumz….btw Chef, the beef was amazing. My Wife loved the beef sauce…and I told her I added only salt and pepper!!! Was heavenly!”
Samuel Ang

“Shen Tan boldly goes where no Singaporean has gone before with her dry aged meats. 14-day aged Iberico chops have an unparalleled intensity of taste and an incredible tenderness that borders on unreal. A Dorper lamb shoulder aged for 14 days didn’t have a hint of gaminess, but is still packed full of mouth-watering flavour. I’ve visited almost 50 3 Michelin-starred restaurants around the world, and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had pork better than this. These are some of the best raw ingredients you will find in the world, and most certainly the best in Singapore right now.”
Joel Loong

“Hi chef …my 1st time using a meat thermometer and it’s the best gadget for the pork loin …. it’s simply DEE-LICIOUS and I can taste the pork as if it’s a roast pork …but yet juicy when I sliced it up …thanks for the recommendation & making dry aged meat available to domestic ‘cooks’ like us 😂”

Don’t want to cook the meats but want to taste them? Click here for more information on Deluxe Dry Aged Meats Delights Dinner at Ownself Make Chef.