Ownself Make Chef Dry Aged Meats

So some of you know that I now have this gorgeous HUNK (of metal) in my life and will be dry ageing meats (lots of meat!) in Gertrude (yes, that is her name because she is German and very comely AND efficient). Email ownselfmakechef@gmail.com to CHOPE your CHOP now!

Ownself Make Chef Dry Aged Meats will kick off with the following beauties:

Union Station Bone In Rib Eye BEEF, Australia (Dry Aged 30 days) 88/kg
The Union Station pasture fed beef is a superior range of free-range, hormone and antibiotic free, quality meat for a discerning market.This family owned business’ progressive attitude purchased the property that was established in 1843 and has rejuvenated the Union Station to once again operate as an outstanding station. A passion for animal welfare, coupled with extensive farming experience and the region’s rich, fertile land, has led to the production of exceptional beef and lamb. This is supported by the company’s ability to trace its product from paddock to plate, growing out its own stock on the clean, green pastures of Union Station before processing it at the company’s own plant and delivering a high-end product.

Pure Black Grass Fed Angus Beef Bone In Rib Eye BEEF, Australia (Dry Aged 45 days) 98/kg
Pure Black Grass Fed Angus beef is grown in southern Victoria & Tasmania, regions renowned for abundant rainfall, clean air and a pristine environment. Young cattle thrive on green pastures in a relaxed setting to ensure their meat is beautifully soft and tender without the need of added hormones. This region is home to many premium breeds, but the real king of Pure Black Beef is Angus, trusted in fine dining restaurants across the world.Pure Black Beef is guaranteed to be tender, juicy and full of flavour.

Soy Lees Dry Aged Kurobuta Pork Collar Steaks (Dry Aged 14 Days) 18 per 300g steak
Pork collars have intense marbling and are cut from the shoulder portion that runs from the neck to the tip of the loin. The flavourful rich taste of kurobuta is enhanced through the dry ageing process with extra umami from the soy lees. The steaks do not need extra seasoning, just grill them over a charcoal fire or pan sear them. They cook up beautifully with a brown caramelised crust from the soy lees dry ageing. Great as a steak with fries or with rice.