EGGScellent, EGGSciting EGGStravaganza

Eggs are simply delicious! I love all manner of eggs, and I love how versatile they are. You can have them old school style – soft boiled with kaya toast, scrambled, sunny side , and omelette. And we are just talking about chicken eggs here!
How about bottarga? Ikura? I could go on and on.The delicious things made out of eggs – mayonnaise, cakes, custards, and….you get what I mean.

Smoked fish roe, petai sambal, nasi lemak
Ownselfmake smoke fish roe, sambal cooked with petai, twice steamed nasi lemak

Mentaiko carbonara pasta with shaved bottarga, seared pork jowl, crispy lardons 
Ownselfmake mentaiko pasta, creamy mentaiko sauce, grated bottarga, aged pork jowl

Savoury kaffir lime Sponge cake, mayonnaise with fried kampong chicken 
Savoury citrus kaffir lime sponge with ownselfmake mayonnaise with crispy fried chicken

Cured egg yolks with kurobuta pork chop, salted egg cream sauce 
Ownselfmake cured egg yolk, grated over a juicy grilled double cut pork chop, with salted egg yolk cream sauce

Grilled quail, quail egg achar sauce gribiche 
Local quail marinated in laksa, grilled over charcoal, with a quail egg sauce gribiche (and achar) 

Kaya, French toast, bacon 
Ownselfmake kaya, hong kong style french toast, candied bacon served with gula melaka ice cream 

Flan gula melaka 
Creamy flan with a gula melaka drizzle, served with coconut ice cream