Lock, Stock & Broth

There is a special place in my heart for soups and broths for me, being a half cantonese girl, with my grandmother cooking the most awesome nourishing broths for me when I was a skinny kid.
Today, a lot of what I cook uses stocks to flavour and cook the dishes at OwnselfMakeChef so this menu is all about the various broths, stocks and soups we love!

Smoking hot
Smoked aubergine, charred cabbage, charred mushroom in clear strained tomato broth, with scallop sashimi, and ikura

Swimming in a bowl
Salted mustard greens and fish broth with lightly pan fried ah hua kelong golden pomfret fillets

Bottom of the Ba Chor Mee Bowl
Fried ownselfmake meatballs of crab, pork and fish, roasted shallots, roasted pork bone broth. Seasoned with Nanyang Sauce Premium Aged 12 month light soy sauce and vinegar

Eat My Tofu
Roasted tau cheo, Deep Fried flavoured tofu, savoury soy milk, fried fu zhok, fried ikan billis

Souper buntut
Spiced beef broth with a duo of beef
Grilled wagyu beef short rib
sliced A3 wagyu

Kurobuta pork ribs poached in young coconut water
Grilled and served with a lemongrass scented young coconut water pork broth
fried ginger threads
fried shallots

Chicken Onsen
chicken thigh roulade with coconut chicken broth, onsen eggs and grilled coconut rice balls

Bubor Your Chacha
Coconut cream soup, red bean and sweet corn ice cream bombs (ice cream wrapped in prata, deep fried),chicken floss