Ownself Make Chef

What is OwnselfMake Chef?

Ownselfmake Chef is a private dining experience hosted by Chef Shen Tan where you will enjoy Singapore inspired menus which mix and meld various culinary influences. Many elements of the food are handmade, hence the moniker Ownselfmake Chef.

Chef Shen Tan is a self-taught cook, who made a career switch in 2008 with her twice steamed Nasi Lemak at Maxwell Food Centre. She later helmed the kitchens at Wok & Barrel and Ujong, developing mod sin dishes like Ba chor mee pasta, pulot hitam pudding and Shendol.

This creative streak led her to start Ownselfmake Chef with menus that explore specific themes based on a certain protein – ie aPORKalypse, What The Duck, Sinfully Seafood moving on to other themes exploring culinary ideas of umami (Sweet Surrender) or Spice (Spice Shenanigans).

How does it work? (and what is NEW?)

Join us as we embark on a new adventure at Ownself Make Chef with the Rabbithole Series.

But the figurative rabbit hole begins with Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In its opening chapter, “Down the Rabbit-Hole,” Alice follows the White Rabbit into his burrow, which transports her to the strange, surreal, and nonsensical world of Wonderland.
Ownself Make Chef menus begin typically with me going down a rabbithole, often interesting, sometimes bewildering, and always delicious. With the Ownself Make Chef Rabbithole series I will be doing more collaborative 4 hands dinners, as well as exploring various themes that intrigue me.

We will be doing the dinners in a more intimate setting, 158 per pax. Email ownselfmakechef@gmail.com to chope your seats. Location = Bukit Merah/Central.
There is no minimum number of diners required. Buy a single seat and join a fun group of culinary adventurers!
Click here for the list of public dinners and dates – Rabbithole Dry Aged Public dinners

Please note that for the public dinners we are unable to cater for individual dietary restrictions.

Private dining at home (OHMAI – HOSAY) 
Book the Chef Shen for your birthday or special occasion, you just need a minimum of 6 pax, max of 12 pax.
Choose your own menu and date (except Saturdays & Mondays) – Private dinners

How do we reserve?

Email Shen at Ownselfmakechef@gmail.com. 
Cooking classes
Have you ever wanted to learn the secrets of twice steamed nasi lemak, no stir rendang and kaya? The pro tips that will make it much easier to recreate Ownselfmake Chef’s dishes in your kitchen. Join us for either of these classes

Email ownselfmakechef@gmail.com to chope your seat now. 

Click on the links below for more information on the cooking classes

Make Mee Great Again Cooking Class

aPORKalypse Cooking Class