Wok & Barrel Redux + Make Mee Great Again VII, 14 September 2019

I opened The Wok and Barrel in 2011 and it was my first proper restaurant after my start in F&B as a hawker. It was a tiny little 30 seater at 13 Duxton Hill which had Nasi Lemak on the menu and a bunch of other crazy dishes that I liked to eat i.e. Ba Chor Mee Pasta, Beef Rendang Pizza.

We had a good run but I closed The Wok & Barrel in 2013. This menu is for all the Wok & Barrel fans, I will serve up all the signature dishes of Wok & Barrel (basically the entire menu), desserts included which means that there are 15 courses of lemak mod sin goodness.

Thanks to Cecil Hamilton, I added the Banana Crack Parfait to the menu so please come hungry and prepare to be stuffed!

Email ownselfmakechef@gmail.com to book your seats, 99 per pax

Fried chicken wings
Crispy battered chicken wings, marinated with har cheong, hsiao hsing wine, sesame oil, battered and deep fried

Make MEE GREAT Again
Extra Umami Mee Siam
Prawn and crab infused mee siam with quail eggs, chives, tau pok, prawns, deep fried crab spring roll

Super Gao Mee Rebus
Extra rich Mee Rebus made by braising beef tendons, simmering prawn stock with beef bone broth, thickened with sweet potato mash

Beef rendang pizza
The Wok & Barrel classic slow rise pizza crust topped with extra tender beef rendang, tomato sauce and cheese

Ba chor mee pasta
Hand made tagliatelle tossed through chilli, lard. Topped with Chef Shen’s 5 Spice Pork Confit

Nasi Lemak with coffee sambal, sambal belachan, omelette, ikan billis
Chef Shen’s hawker classic twice steamed nasi lemak with coffee sambal, sambal belachan

Beef Rendang
Chef Shen’s fork tender beef rendang, slow cooked for 4 hours in aromatic lemak coconut rempah of lemongrass, blue ginger and turmeric

Lamb Curry
The Wok & Barrel’s signature tender slow cooked lamb curry

Crispy fried chicken
Boneless chicken thigh, marinated for 48 hours, deep fried crispy juicy chicken

Crispy fried pork belly
Pork belly, marinated for 48 hours, deep fried crispy juicy pork belly

Fish curry
Local favourite reimagined, lemak fish curry gravy made with ownselfmake fish stock, slightly tart from fresh tomatoes. Ah hua kelong’s barramundi fillets, slowly poached to perfection in fish curry gravy

Chicken curry
The Wok & Barrel extra lemak chicken curry, whole chicken cooked in house made rempah, curry leaves, kaffir lime leaves with fresh coconut milk

Puloh Hitam Pudding with Gula Melaka Butterscotch served with Coconut Ice Cream
The Wok & Barrel’s take on the Sticky Date Pudding made with Asian Black Glutinous Rice (Pulot Hitam), drizzled with Gula Melaka butterscotch and served with house made Coconut Ice Cream

Shendol Delights: Coconut Pannacotta with Gula Melaka syrup topped with house made Red Bean Ice Cream

Chef Shen’s version of local dessert Chendol is a creamy smooth coconut panna cotta served with Gula Melaka Syrup, Chendol and house made Red Bean Ice Cream

Banana Crack Parfait
Created when we used to have leftover over ripe bananas from The Wok & Barrel Brunch Pancakes. Mascarpone cheese whipped with heavy cream over crushed oreo cookies, topped with bananas and gula melaka butterscotch

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