Our pork themed dinner got its start in 2011 at The Wok & Barrel with 6 courses of pork, even dessert. It has evolved over the years and now stands at 10 courses of divine pork delights at Ownself Make Chef.

At 10 courses of PORK, aPORKalypse XII promises to go HOG THE WAY. I have added another pork based snack: inspired by newspaper cones of ka chang puteh to be eaten in the cinema. Partly inspired by a dish my teochew grandma used to cook, pork belly rendered into crunchy crispy croutons and cooked with dark soy caramel, fish sauce and sugar. The new course, Lard Chang Puteh will feature the same sticky soy glazed pork nuggets with kaffir lime leaves, ikan billis and peanuts.

Book your seat at this pork fest by emailing ownselfmakechef@gmail.com, 99 per pax.

1. Lard chang puteh
Crispy pork belly croutons glazed with soy caramel, with peanuts and ikan billis

2. Bacon peanut and garlic min jiang kueh
Crispy bacon, freshly grated coconut, peanuts and crispy garlic bits in freshly made pancakes

3. Crispy fried hot pork
Marinated spicy pork belly, spice level 100
Deep fried and served with coleslaw

Surf and turf!
4. Uni pork rice bowl
Uni, pork jowl char siew, sashimi grade scallops, ikura over Japanese short grain rice

Pork and Prata?
5. Pork rendang with scallion pancakes fried in lard
Pork rendang cooked until tender served with hand made scallion pancakes fried lard and clarified butter

Knuckle Down
6. Pork hock is deboned, stuffed with glutinous rice, mushrooms and prawns. Steamed then deep fried and served with aged balsamico, nonya achar

WOK on the PORK Side
7. 5 spice coffee rub pork confit, pan seared and served with pineapple and cucumber. The Wok & Barrel classic is given an update, a dry rub of coffee, 5 spice powder, brown sugar and sea salt flavours pork shoulder, cooked for 24 hours in lard with sous vide. Grilled over charcoal

8. Twice cooked durian tempoyak kurobuta pork ribs with emerald noodles
Slow cooked kurobuta pork ribs (marinated with durian tempoyak for 48 hours), deboned, pan seared and served with emerald noodles tossed in lard and laksa leaf and basil pesto

This Little Piggy went to the market
9. Laksa suckling pig with lard sambal and lacto fermented achar
Tender suckling pig marinated with ownself make laksa rempah, slow cooked in oven. Crispy crackling served with ownself make lard sambal (chilli, ginger and onions slow cooked with lardons until aromatic interlaced with crunchy crispy lardons)

Sweet Porky Surrender
10. Bacon ice cream sandwich
Sweet potato lard bread with gula melaka butterscotch ice cream and grated coconut. Served with candied bacon