What The Duck ReDUCKS, 25 July

What The Duck was one of the first menus that I wrote for Ownself Make Chef, right after aPORKalypse and Sinfully Seafood. It is time for a refresh, and while I have kept a few favourites, I have also added some fun new DUCK courses.

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99 per pax

Duck spring roll with salted egg yolk aioli
Duck mince with prawns spring roll with salted egg aioli

Duck Soup
Duck soup x 3 ravioli
1. Duck ravioli
2. Prawn ravioli with laksa leaf pesto
3. Buah keluak ravioliBathing in a very comforting duck and blue swimmer crab broth with blue ginger, lemongrass

Duck carbonara
Dry aged duck with salted duck egg yolk, pecorino cheese, duck fat
Hand made linguine  

Duck Pie
Flakey pie pastry made with duck fat and butter 
Braised duck in soy
Salted egg yolk Chestnuts

I Ducking love porridge 
Silky smooth rice porridge cooked with duck stock with salted eggs, century eggs and lightly poached duck meatballs 

Duck Confit
5 Spice duck leg confit with kalamansi lime marmalade 

Duck Roulade with Crab
Cacao coffee aged mandarin peel rubbed duck thigh and lemongrass crab meat
Soy braised rice cracker
Chili Crab sauce
Pineapple, cucumber salad
Japanese short grain rice 

Where’s The Duck Dessert
Duck Kwa (duck bak kwa)
Salted egg yolk ice cream
Dark Caramelised Soy Sauce Reduction, Gula Melaka Butterscotch
Crispy Duck Skin

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